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And Now for Something Completely Different ...
Los Pinos and Cochetopa Creeks

by Karen Christopherson

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Okay, you're tired of mountain streams, waders, big water, and trees. Ready for something different? Let's go south of Gunnison and visit some small Wild Trout Streams.

Cochetopa Creek flows north from San Luis Peak, a 14'er in the San Juans. Los Pinos Creek flows northeast from the La Garita Wilderness. They meet and merge northwest of Cochetopa Dome. The portions of these two creeks on the Coleman Ranches are Wild Trout Waters. There is an easement access across ranch property.

Colorado DOW fishing sign One of the access points on Coleman Ranches

These creeks are narrow and deep, several feet wide and several feet deep. They flow through ranchland where Herefords and Angus graze. The Wild Trout portions of these creeks are found in a broad valley with no trees. Interesting fishing... leave the long rods and waders at home. Bring the sunscreen, food and drinks - the sun can shine here at 9000 feet up, and you are a far way from anywhere.

los pinos creek Colorado Los Pinos flowing to the northeast

Interesting Info

How to get there?

From Gunnison, travel east about 8 miles to State Hwy 114. Go south about 21 miles and turn left at NN-14 Road. The easement to the creeks, across Coleman Ranches, is on the west and signed. Other access can be found by continuing south on NN-14 Road for about 2 miles to the KK-14 Road running west. Follow this and watch for access. There is some parking available, and signs are posted.

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Info on the State Wildlife Areas from the Division of Parks and Wildlife can be found by clicking here


Fishing with artificial flies or lures only. All fish caught must be returned to the water immediately.

Where to stay?

You're pretty limited here. You can camp downstream in the Cochetopa Canyon, or stay in Gunnison.

Cochetopa Creek Colorado fishing Flowing through ranch country